Mother Nature’s Cuisine

March 12, 2014

MNC All-Purpose Cuisine 5 LB.

MNC Veggie & Herb Cuisine 5 LB.

MNC Fish & Seaweed Cuisine.

MNC Oh No Deer 48 oz with Sprayer.

MNC Oh No Deer Refills.

Horticultural Vinegar.

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Garden Neem.
Dragonfly Organix.
Mother Nature's Cuisine.
Egg Wipes.
Gift Baskets.

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Why Go Natural?

Why not work with nature, not against it
You will reduce runoff of nutrients into the environment
You will create a healthy soil system full of beneficial
You will increase your plants' resistance to pests and disease
You will save energy
You will utilize waste and reduce landfill  deposits
Soil is a living ecosystem and a living ecosystem needs nutrients plus microbes for a balanced diet.  Natural sources of nutrients provide microbes and promote microbial soil activity which is necessary for a healthy soil system.  Healthy soil produces healthy plants.  Keep it  growing and staying healthy with all of Mother Nature’s Cuisine Natural Garden Products.  We even have something for the hungry deer, who after a taste  of our Oh No Deer Repellent, will not be returning to munch.  

Mother Nature's Cuisine is fine dining for your plants.